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Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter offers digital mockup and visualisation features so that everyone involved in the product lifecycle can access, collaborate on, and use 2D and 3D design data to help them make choices. You may easily see and explore your design data using PLM visualisation, which is supported by JT technology. You can quickly collaborate on rich design data with all of your vendors and outside partners with JT2Go, which is free to use.

By generating virtual prototypes from various mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) formats rather of expensive physical prototypes to conduct more specialised studies, such as ergonomics and path planning, Teamcenter accelerates your engineering and production processes. By immersing yourself in the virtual environment of the product’s digital twin, Teamcenter allows you to execute form, fit, and function studies and conduct design reviews. These VR devices include the HTC ViveTM, Oculus RiftTM, and zSpace® device.

Visualization, Digital Mockup & and Virtual Reality is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below

Digital Mockup for Effective Design Reviews

Early in the lifespan of your product, use real-time digital mockup tools to identify and fix design concerns. With the help of Teamcenter’s visualisation mockup tools, you may build complex digital prototypes with tens of thousands of elements. You may look for interferences, do part motion analyses, and assess if there is enough accessibility offered to make maintenance processes easier. Other team members can get the information that is accessible to everyone and annotate it with concerns or alternative design ideas.


Go VR for Fully Immersive Design Experience

With Virtual Reality (VR) integrated into PLM, you can make more informed decisions about your goods. Virtual prototyping with interaction with the digital twin at any scale is made possible by Teamcenter VR. Without the need for data preparation, Teamcenter Visualization allows you to launch Teamcenter VR with only one click for an immersive user experience. Securely collaborate with people throughout your extended company without the cost of expensive technology or time-consuming setup.

Supplier Visualization JT2Go

Collaboration between you and your supply chain is streamlined when you share visualisation data with suppliers via JT2Go. Using the lightweight 3D JT format, JT2Go is a free deploy-on-demand 3D viewing product that is accessible on the Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. It allows you to exchange detailed 3D product and manufacturing information (PMI). The viewer makes it simple for supply chains and product development teams to interact around full bills-of-material while reviewing drawings and querying 3D product information (BOM).


View and Markup 2D and 3D Data Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Are you prepared to utilise 2D and 3D data in a real multi-CAD digital prototyping environment?

Throughout the product lifecycle, you may access and display design information with Teamcenter, including 2D drawings in the majority of common 2D formats and 3D CAD data (in JTTM format). Teamcenter makes use of the compact JT visualisation format to enable speedy loading, exploration, and structural analysis of exceedingly complex assemblies.

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