Navigate and mockup 2D and 3D data throughout the product lifecycle

Utilizing robust 2D and 3D visualisation and markup capabilities, it is possible to more clearly communicate and convey the design purpose of a product as well as visualise the whole product data set.

By enabling users throughout the company to see and share 2D and 3D data, Teamcenter Lifespan Visualization capabilities may help you improve the lifecycle of your products and lessen the strain on your IT department. It is possible to measure, annotate, compare, and mark up 2D drawings in the majority of popular 2D formats as well as 3D CAD data (in JTTM visualisation format). Additionally, you may display and query product manufacturing data (PMI).


The lightweight JT format is used by Teamcenter to enable speedy loading, navigation through, and analysis of exceedingly complicated assemblies. To generate 3D markups on parts and allow reviewers to give input in the context of the design without being interrupted by translation, you may use advanced annotation features.

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