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Industrial And Product Design

Industrial and Product Design

Industrial Design derives from a blend of applied Art and applied Science faculties. When creatively employed to the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability, marketability greatly improves. PROLIM’s years of experience in Industrial Design will ensure effective and efficient results for our clients. With the help of extensive market surveys and product research, our Industrial Designers envision and present innovative concepts.

Our staff of design aesthetics pays special attention to design, appearance &, the perception projected, to ensure a favourable reception by customers. As part of our design process user friendliness gets ample focus to ensure the product excels in its performance.

Our sales & marketing team, work in tandem with our design team to ensure the design is successfully received in the market.

Product design is concerned with the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new viable and profitable products. The Prolim Team conceptualizes and evaluates ideas, by adopting a more systematic approach.

Some of the factors that we consider under product engineering:
Produce-ability, quality, performance, reliability, serviceability and user features

PROLIM’s in-house processes, frameworks and material & design library help us shrink long design times due to frequent and high impact design changes. We demonstrate proven capabilities with our on-road experience in all vehicle subsystems for feasibility of alternate design, material, tooling, manufacturing process and field failures.

Our expertise includes

  • Process & Methodology for Design & Geometrical Data Organization
  • 3D Modelling
  • Surfacing using Curve/Point Cloud Data
  • Roadmap for implementation with aggressive, yet achievable time-scales.
  • Manufacturing Drawing Generation
  • Data Conversion
  • Wire Harness Modelling
  • Piping Routing & Detailing
PLM 3D Modelling-Prolim