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NX for Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

NX for Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

In our industry update series, we’ll share regular updates regarding the industries we serve. Today, we’re looking at industrial engineering—particularly the industrial machinery and heavy equipment industries.

When it comes to machine design, complexity has become the new norm:

  • Competition has become more complex. There are new players, new original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, entering the market. And products need to be fine-tuned for specific, local markets. 
  • Regulations have become more complex. Now, industrial machinery and heavy equipment must find a way to reduce emissions, due to environmental regulations.
  • Configurability has become more complex. Products require an increased number of variants, and there’s more testing required for each machine. 

How do OEMs manage these changes, while keeping up with demand from their customer base?

NX for Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

As we detailed in our post on NX and industrial engineeringNX offers a complete suite of tools for comprehensive 3D design, high-performance simulation, integrated data management and synchronized manufacturing process plans and requirements. 

  • NX CAM allows you to manage model and code seamlessly, especially in global facilities with multiple machining options. 
  • With NX CAD, you can design your machine—whether it’s a loader, harvester, or load truck—more efficiently, and up to three times faster. 
  • Using Simcenter 3D you can optimize noise and vibration performance to increase the comfort and safety of operators and bystanders, and to comply with market-mandatory regulations. 
  • With Teamcenter, you can create, visualize and update a single multi-disciplinary bill-of-materials that encompasses all product configurations, from the first machine concept through its product lifecycle. 

By using these tools, you can begin to capture and digitalize the entire design and manufacturing cycle—delivering customer-centric technology while prioritizing innovation. 

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