Industry 4.0 with Updated Electrical Wire Harness Operations

Wire harness manufacturing has been around for over a century, yet manufacturers suffer from low margins while dealing with onerous quality and delivery requirements. Complex processes, continuous change, and the loss of tribal knowledge add to the challenges in this highly labor-intense and dynamic industry. This webinar explains how customers can overcome wire harness manufacturing challenges providing engineers with sophisticated solutions that create a digital thread from harness design through manufacturing engineering.

How sophisticated solutions create a digital thread from harness design through manufacturing engineering.

Digital thread from harness design through manufacturing engineering

Data Communication from the Shop Floor to Engineering

A key focus is on linking digital product and production process models to each other. This enables companies to holistically assess the product and process definitions to virtually optimize manufacturing before the start of production, hence helping to speed up product implementation time and ramp-up efficiency. As traceability of material and of all manufacturing process steps become more important than ever before, customers use our technology to connect engineering data to systems, hardware, and, most importantly, operators. Digitalization is an essential step towards the implementation and realization of Industry 4.0, enabling rapid and accurate data communication from shop floors to engineering systems and organizations.

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