Automotive Solutions

  • Our solutions enable automotive manufacturers to create innovative designs, reduce time to market and launch futuristic customer-oriented products in shorter time duration.
  • Our service capabilities include concept design, vehicle styling, ergonomics and digital prototyping.
  • Our cost-effective solutions provide businesses with a competitive edge that enables them to stay ahead on the growth curve.
  • Our expertise can be leveraged at each stage of the product lifecycle including design & re-design of automotive sub-systems, CAD support, casting and mechanical validation.
  • Our skill can enable automotive companies to validate auto design under various conditions and take timely corrective action which can result in immense cost savings.

PROLIM can help you

Innovate by collaborating & integrating internally & across company boundaries for close partnerships of OEMs & suppliers.

Enable your suppliers & partners to access information & collaborate in real time, enabling you to market dynamics faster.

Introduce you the greater efficient supply chain management by integrating PLM with your enterprise systems.

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PROLIM has been helping the US and Japanese automotive companies since 2001. Our innovative solutions span an entire product life-cycle to enable automotive manufacturers and their suppliers to effectively tackle these economic and competitive pressures.


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