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Innovation And Efficiency Are They The Top Growth Driver Today

Globalization has changed the way organizations do business today. Innovation and efficiency being the flavors of the season and to grow, every business needs it.

Successful businesses not only have to respond to their organizational and customer needs, they also need to evolve and innovate to meet their future demand rapidly and effectively.

How do we balance the need to be efficient – to stay creative and innovative? How much time and resource does one invest in driving efficiency in the organization?

  • We need to ensure that the right strategy to create a positive impact on the revenue, growth, productivity, and market cap of large companies.
  • We need a reasonable investment in both efficiency and innovation to prosper over time.


To remain competitive, they need to pay more and more attention to innovation, as markets, technologies or trends shift. Because technology is the all-important enabler, businesses need to innovate quickly, do it efficiently and profitably.

If you look at organizations like Apple and Google, they are continuously innovating while being efficient to stay indistinguishable from their competition. They have the capability and investments that others can emulate. 

Be open to new tools, methods

Businesses with timelines want instant gratification and focus more on short-term financial results. This tends to shift the balance toward efficiency. As a driver of organizations business strategy, focusing on efficiency can certainly improve the profits, speed up everything you do and act as a tool to reach short-term goals of the company.

On the other hand, innovation is the solution that helps meet the long-term goals of a company. Innovation can help your business work more efficiently, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition, making businesses more open, flexible and nimble.

To gain business benefits, both operational efficiency and innovation are required in a balanced way to grow and thrive.

  • Increase productivity by creating and executing new processes that offer a competitive edge and helps react quickly to business changes
  • Empower employees to improve their work processes that in turn increases job satisfaction.
  • Increase employee motivation, creating stronger teams
  • Offer higher sales and profits and also reduces the risk for shareholders
  • Smooth collaboration between employees, partners, suppliers, and customers

Solutions from PROLIM – Helping achieve the new innovation equation

PROLIM, the leading IT and PLM Solutions and Services Company provides high-value technology consulting, staffing, and project outsourcing, to their clients to improve profitability and efficiency.

Using the innovative, patent-pending expert systems technology, PROLIM’s enable solution management capabilities, offers project-based solutions along with ongoing support and service contracts. PROLIM specializes in providing manufacturing cost reductions for its clients by employing best practices in engineering and manufacturing through PLM and Digital Manufacturing solutions.

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