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Internal Combustion Versus Electric Powertrains


Due to declining urban air quality, climate change and consequent legislative changes, demand for environment friendly mobility is increasing. Accordingly, vehicle electrification has become a very important field of study, especially in the last few years. The internal combustion engine (ICE), around for over a century, is obviously a well understood, mature technology. While there is room for further innovation, improvements will be largely incremental and heavily constrained by cost.

What you get from this white paper


  • This paper analyzes the key differences, main challenges and potential of electrical system designs for Formula Student Electric (FSE) in comparison to Formula Student Combustion (FSC) cars, using the specific example of the TUfast Racing Team cars.
  • Learn the various development tools which helped significantly in the design and development of efficient electrical systems in our vehicles.
  • Explore potential of knowledge transfer from Formula Student to commercial EVs is discussed from the view of a Formula Student engineering student.

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