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Introducing Teamcenter X!

Modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud PLM Software

Created with product innovators in mind, Teamcenter X builds on Siemens’ experience with quick-start product lifecycle management (PLM) to allow companies of all sizes to get up and running fast with simplified, pre-configured cloud solutions, with years of industry expertise built-in. It provides instant-on access to the only cloud SaaS PLM offering that supports a multi-domain digital twin, combining electrical, mechanical, and software elements into a single bill of materials, built on a modern cloud platform.

Teamcenter X is Teamcenter and more. Since it is the evolution of Teamcenter, all the modern advancements made for Teamcenter X are also made for Teamcenter customers, on-premises or on-cloud.

Teamcenter X - With the most robust PLM framework, start and develop

“The most intriguing part of Teamcenter X is the complete SaaS platform. We are very excited about the increased functionality, increased accessibility, and decreased management of the PLM”, says VP of Manufacturing company (PROLIM Customer).

Instant-On PLM

With this, our customers get instant-on PLM to address their immediate product lifecycle needs. Siemens drives the PLM environment – including all operations, maintenance and upgrades. The solutions are built for companies of all sizes, across industries. Experience from 1000s of PLM deployments over the years has been bundled into simplified, pre-configured SaaS solutions with best practices built-in.

Cloud Computing Data Migration

Cloud Software that Grows with you

Teamcenter X can grow as your business needs grow — at any time, you can opt to add-in more SaaS solutions to fit your business needs. Customers can personalize their Teamcenter-X environment by choosing from additional Teamcenter portfolio solutions like Substance Compliance and Product Configurator. Since Teamcenter-X is Teamcenter, it supports the complete digital twin – managing electrical, mechanical, and software components in a single, multi-domain Bill of materials.​

Modern Cloud Platform

Teamcenter X is built on modern cloud software using new industrial components from our Mendix Low-Code Platform, allowing customers to leverage cloud-native micro-services and stand up for new apps quickly. It’s cloud-based, future-ready, and uses the latest technology like AI and machine learning to help our customers work smarter.

As mentioned in a previous article highlighting cloud PLM, Future ready with cloud PLM, customers can breathe more easily knowing that their IP managed in PLM is well protected against data loss and security risks. Traditional IT barriers that may slow down, or restrict access and growth, are no longer an issue with Teamcenter X.

Delivering the promise of PLM to all companies

Teamcenter X is the ideal starting point for companies that want to take control of product data and processes. With integrations to the world’s leading computer-aided design (CAD) tools and Polarion X for Application Lifecycle Management, Teamcenter X creates a multi-domain bill of materials (BOM) to provide visibility to the complete digital twin.

Teamcenter X is preconfigured with best-practice workflows to streamline and automate common PLM processes like design release and change – not just for engineers, but including decision-makers throughout the product lifecycle. Teamcenter X delivers the promise of PLM to companies of all sizes, driving improvements in cycle time, cost savings, and profitability. Customers can simply pay as they go and focus on product innovation, while Siemens does all the heavy lifting to manage Teamcenter-X deployments. “Teamcenter X combines the leading suite of PLM solutions and services with the leading low-code application platform Mendix to allow customers to deliver multi-domain products on time, with high quality, within budget, and exceeding customer expectations.

Future-ready PLM, Modern Cloud Software

It opens the door for companies of every size to get up and running quickly on product lifecycle management and realize a fast return on investment with this modern cloud software. ​With years of industry expertise bundled into pre-configured packages, Teamcenter X helps our customers meet their digital enterprise and innovation goals for success in the market.

No other PLM system can match the powerful combination of experience and technology. Teamcenter X, the evolution of Teamcenter, is where today meets tomorrow.

Teamcenter X - With the most robust PLM framework, start and develop

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