IoT + ML with Intelligence is Going to Change the World

From smart thermostats to smart coffee makers to smart watches, IoT devices are slowly but surely accumulating mainstream adoption. Virtual assistants (such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa) are only making this technology easier to adopt. Currently, there is a lot of manual input required to use these smart devices. You must set your alarm, tell your coffee maker when to start brewing, and manually set schedules for your thermostat, set your car by choosing the right podcast while waiting for it to become warm enough to drive, based on weather condition all independently and precisely. These machines rarely communicate with each other, and you are left playing the role of monitoring and coordinating.

Let’s consider two scenarios of using IoT without intelligence and an IoT with intelligence. Let’s consider the scenario of your morning routine. Let’s look at the way regular IoT and intelligent IoT can help change this process.

IoT without intelligence

Early morning your alarm goes off, you wake up and hop in the shower. Your smart coffee maker starts brewing morning coffee at this set time. You quickly catch up on most important news, trying not to waste too much time before heading out. You get your warm cup of coffee and get into a cold car and start it up, choose the right podcast while waiting for your car to warm up. The car is now warm and you drive off listening to your selected podcast, and your thermostat goes on standby to conserve power until you get back in the evening.

This process looks great but a small deviation from the precise routine can counteract the effectiveness of using automation. Let’s see how intelligent, interconnected devices can make this system a lot better.

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IoT Application

IoT with intelligence

Your alarm goes off and your smart shower starts running, warming up to the perfect temperature. Smart coffee maker gets the signal that you just got in the shower and starts brewing coffee. A smart mirror displays a time efficient list of the most important customized news and notifications. Based on the weather, your virtual assistant will suggest appropriate clothing. As you pick up your coffee your car gets the signal and auto starts to warm up to the perfect temperature for you. It also intelligently selects your podcast for today. As soon as I step out of my house, my thermostat gets the signal to go on standby to conserve power until you return back home.  For starters, no matter when I get up, my shower and coffee are ready without ever getting the chance to waste water or go cold. But coming to the filtration and smart curation of content, messages keeps distractions like social media from letting me get late, and my car is nice and warm right when I need it, and not a moment before or after.

Iot in industrial automation

This adds a level of robustness to a system. My mornings can no longer be spoiled by my own mistakes since the schedule is flexible. Intelligent devices that communicate with each other. Devices are intelligently optimized to do their specific task and can help optimize the entire process though intercommunication.


This is the power of intelligent, interconnected machines. A world that is independent of human error. Morning routines aren’t the only thing that get better, this technology will decrease time we spend in traffic, help us get better sleep, and ultimately help save lives, all without any manual effort. We are building a smarter, safer world.

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