Asset Monitoring and Management

Asset Monitoring and Management Solution

The modern IoT-enabled asset monitoring and management solution provide a more comprehensive approach to asset management and asset monitoring compared to the traditional physical asset management approach.

An IoT-enabled remote monitoring solution is just what businesses like manufacturing, industrial machinery, power & utilities, mining and oil & gas need. Asset monitoring and management solutions enabled by IoT not only help you gain better control over your equipment and machinery but also make positive impacts on aspects like increasing efficiency and productivity, reducing operational costs, increasing customer experience, etc.

Key Challenges

  • Limited control over assets
  • Unplanned Downtime
  • Lack of efficient reporting system
  • Inefficient asset performance tracking
  • Not able to meet maximum asset productivity


  • Improved asset efficiency.
  • Intelligent Asset at your disposal.
  • Monitoring Assets from anywhere, at any time.
  • Predicting equipment failure in advance.
  • Offline monitoring for critical scenarios.

Solution implemented for Windmill farm monitoring and management

IoT asset-dashboard


Asset Health

Monitor the efficiency of your assets to perform predictive and preventive maintenance.

Asset Online

Indicate the number of assets, which are currently online.

Asset Availability

Specifies the number of assets that are working correctly and are available for use.

Asset Utilization

Reflects how assets are utilized.

Edge Analytics

Implements the critical decision making at the Asset level instead of cloud which works even during network unavailability.


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