Personal Health Monitoring

IoT based Health Monitoring System

IoT Powered Personal Health Monitoring

Our IoT Solution for Fitness and Activity Monitoring Application presents a Dashboard to monitor the daily activity of an individual. It also displays calorie intake and various metrics / analytics in visual graphs and charts which can be monitored by the user or their coaches.

The application consists of a login page for the user, where the user logs in by entering the credentials.

Fitness Dashboard

The Log in page leads to the Fitness Dashboard that displays various analysis of various metrics relating to the fitness of the user. The fitness dashboard application integrates with the Smart Watches and allows you to see your health data in a broad clean way, by allowing you to drill down to more details in an easy and quick way!

Personal Health Monitoring using IoT - login

The dashboard gives you daily as well as weekly performance summary of your activity which includes:

  • Step Count
  • Distance Covered
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Heart Rate
  • Calories intake v/s Calories burned
  • Daily meal tracking

The dashboard displays the user’s information that the user can enter using the navigation menu.


Tracking Workout Completion

Tracker dashboard shows the percentage of cardio workouts that the user has completed. In addition, it also shows the percentage of weekly goals achieved by clicking on the respective columns.  This tracking dashboard provides users with an easy way to keep tabs on their daily activity and see how they are doing at a high level.

The user can keep a track of the distance travelled in miles depicting per day basis and a collective measure of the week.

Tracking Diet Completion

We also added calorie tracker with this app which allows user to keep track of their calorie intake by providing the details about their food intake from our dashboard. It displays the same completion bar graphs along with percentages for both calorie intake and calorie burnt.

IoT fitness dashboard - Tracking Weekly Goals

Tracking Weekly Goals

Fitness Tracker includes a feature where the user can set their goals and the dashboard will help them keep a track on those goals. The goals can be added using the Set Goals option in the navigation menu provided.

Also, the dashboard shows the goals achieved when Achievements from the navigation bar is clicked.

Adding the meal for the day

The user can enter the food item he/she intakes for the respective meal and the same will be stored as calorie intake for the user. Each meal icon can be clicked, and the food item can be selected from the list.

User Performance: And finally, the application also shows the user’s performance depicting the user’s performance in comparison to the other user’s using the application.

Conclusion: The Activity Tracking application is a full-fledged solution for your fitness goals keeping in mind all the metrics required and analysis of the same to keep a track on your way to achieve your goals.

Personal Health Monitoring Dashboard

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