Security architecture in IoT

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Security architecture in IoT

The security architecture comprises of four fundamental layers for security analysis:

Perceptual Layer

This layer is also referred to as the recognition layer, is the most basic level, which gathers all types of information with the help of physical equipment(sensors) and identifies and reads the external world. The information from the device’s sensors includes the properties of the objects, or the things, the environment condition, and more. The physical equipment like RFID reader, GPS, all kinds of sensors, and other equipment comes under this layer. Though there are different components involved, the critical component in this layer is the sensors that use for capturing and representing the physical world, i.e., the data given by sensors connect to this layer.

Support Layer

The layers act as the mediator between the upper layer and the lower layer. Consider it as the platform for setting up a proper application layer as it helps with merging the application layer upward and network layer downward. Grid and cloud computing uses all kinds of creative computing powers.

Network Layer

The layer connected to broadcast data and data collected on numerous essential networks like mobile communication network, or the WiFi network, satellite network, and more. This layer is responsible for providing the dependable broadcast of data that we get from the previous layer. Most importantly, the data gathered from sensors broadcasts to the next level for it to be processed. The initial handling of data collected through the sensors, cataloging, and polymerization.

Application Layers

In this layer, the personalized delivery of application happens, whatever application the user wants, whatever application the user is presented with is taken care of in this layer. It can be from smart water, smart transportation, smart environment support, smart air system, and more. It can be done through computers, mobile devices, television and more.