Joe Gibbs Racing

Leveraging complementary Solid Edge and NX software enhances design flexibility and speeds up modeling.

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The automotive and transportation industry is constantly evolving, and companies must adopt new technologies to remain competitive. Joe Gibbs Racing, a leading NASCAR team, has leveraged complementary Solid Edge and NX software to improve their design and engineering processes. This paper explores how Joe Gibbs Racing has used these software tools to design and manufacture high-performance racing cars. The integration of Solid Edge and NX software has allowed the team to streamline their design process, reduce errors, and improve collaboration between team members.

What you get from this case study

Business Challenges:

  • Leverage synchronous technology to enhance design speed
    and flexibility
  • Use the portability of Solid Edge to jumpstart making changes to
    the car
  • Use Solid Edge to enable less experienced designers to
    develop modifications

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