On Demand Webinar

Presenter: Grace Pharo

2020/12/22 11:00:00

KeyShot in Solid Edge

Brief Summary of Webinar:

Learn the basic steps on how to use KeyShot, the real-time rendering Software, integrated with Solid Edge. Create photorealistic visualization of products as they evolve throughout development to speed up concept approvals, identify problems and sell products.


  1. Transfer the Models and Materials from Solid Edge to KeyShot
  2. Apply Various Materials to Components
  3. Use a Background Image
  4. Adjust Camera Perspective
  5. Create Composite Rendered Image


Grace Pharo

Presenter - Grace Pharo

Grace is a Mechanical Engineer with 4 years of experience in the manufacturing industry executing designs for equipment and parts. Passionate about solving complex problems with creative solutions while bettering her design and engineering skills.
Experienced in: Mechanical Designer & Tooling Engineer, Aerospace Design Engineer, Specialized Equipment, Heavy Machinery Industry, Injection Mold Industry

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