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Latest NX Offers Big Enhancements

The latest release of NX for Manufacturing has powerful new and improved features such as planar deburring, adaptive milling, pinch turning, multi-axis/planar additive manufacturing, and 5-axis inspection programming functions.

A recent article published by engineering.com, “Siemens’ Latest NX Offers Big Enhancements,” talks about all the latest enhancements to the model-based definition, Synchronous Technology, and the improved extensive CAM enterprise in the December 2020 release of NX.

The following excerpt describes some of the new capabilities:

“NX CAM provides NC program capabilities to connect planning 3D models, data and processes, and shop floor operations. The new machining planar deburring methods automate deburring paths on prismatic parts and track paths by generating the tool path. The tool also does corner chamfering on its own to reduce programming time.”

latest nx offers biggest enhancement in nx manufacturing

Topics covered in the article:

  • Sketch
  • Algorithmic Modeling
  • Convergent Modeling
  • Additive Manufacturing Design
  • Model-Based Definition
  • Assemblies
  • PCB Exchange
  • Mold, Tool, and Die
  • NX CMM Inspection Programming
  • NX CAM

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