Leadership Qualities It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

One really wonders as to what makes a good leader? There are no one criteria that can help identify leadership qualities. Is it a vision, motivation, conviction or confidence? In reality, leadership is an amalgamation of all these and many other qualities that the trailblazers possess.

Do you know why great leaders like Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and Marissa Mayer succeeded? They are all incredibly intelligent and successful visionaries, who could identify the unique opportunity that came their way. Besides that, they are also dedicated, organized, strategic planners, who understand what it takes to succeed.

Leadership – What it takes to succeed.

The core to leadership is to connect with people – to understand them, empathize and motivate them. A good leader needs to come up with new views, ideas, and continuously adapt, innovate, and improve.

A good leader needs to have the following qualities:

  • Lead from the front and take initiative – Leaders provide the next big idea, next initiative, or the next breakthrough. They need to take a proactive approach to identifying and avoiding challenges before they occur.
  • Must make tough decisions – Extraordinary leaders make timely and difficult decisions that are in the best interests of the organization. They know when not to act unilaterally and when to adopt collective decision making.
  • Displays confidence – Great leaders exude confidence. Employees look up to them and seek their advice. They are open to suggestions and if proved wrong, accept the mistake and quickly act to improve the problem.
  • Are visionaries – Inspiring leaders are visionaries. They are extremely organized and plan well ahead. They discuss their plans and brainstorm multiple scenarios and the impact their decisions will have on the business. Once they have the plan in place they establish strategies and processes to implement it.
  • Not rest on past laurels – Leaders are perceptive and respond to the needs of the team. The team needs to value their decisions and trust them. A clear communicator, a good leader knows the value and goal of each individual, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Putting it in nutshell, a leader challenges his people, communicates clearly, and often motivates them to give their best all the time. As far as organizations go, to grow exponentially, they need to convert sluggish processes into dynamic ones and grow leaders faster and more effectively to better bottom line business performance.

What is PROLIM’s vision and mission?

Our Vision is “to apply the thought leadership to help clients and stakeholders build innovative products by leveraging IT and PLM”.

Our Mission is to be the most sought after company to solve any unsolved PLM challenge and to be a top leader in PLM.

Employees are our strength and we pay utmost attention to empowering them. They have the freedom and the opportunity to excel and grow; supports innovation and well-reasoned risk-taking.

Is your organization becoming more open to constant change? Is it creating the leaders you need, who can address serious issues with confidence? I would love to hear your inputs and feel free to give more opinions @ http://bit.ly/1Ujr2eA

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