On-Demand Webinar

Presenter: Amit Nandi

Learn How To Find The Best Performing & Optimized Design For Tomorrow

Brief Summary of Webinar:

Engineers engaged in New Product Development from any industry are often confronting problems such as:

  • How can I design a part which Should last as long as possible?
  • How can I design a part Perform as efficiently as possible?
  • How can I design a part which is as inexpensive to manufacture as possible?

Tools that will be covered:
HEEDS® MDO is a robust multidisciplinary design optimization software package that automates the search for better solutions within a given design space and dramatically reduces design time.
In an overnight run, HEEDS can produce results that would take weeks to accomplish manually.

Who Should Attend?
It is for any Industry and the following can attend:

  • Simulation Engineers
  • New Product Development team
  • Optimization Engineers

Post the webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand how a Design exploration solution is used to Automatically vary the actual parameters in the concept design and identify Innovative High Performing Designs.
  • By using Multidisciplinary Design Optimization solution, you can:
    • Proved that INTELLIGENT SEARCH can help engineers to discover better designs, faster
    • Identify families of top-performing designs
    • Indicate areas of cost-effective design changes
    • Lower prototyping costs and drive innovation


Presenter - Amit Nandi

Amit Nandi has a total of 5+ years of work experience in the Demonstration of Technical Simcenter 3D. Training customers on product usage and Troubleshooting. He is a responsible end to end Technical Support (Post-sales) to Simcenter (Simcenter 3D) & FEMAP to all types of customers (Auto, Aero, Defence, Space, Consumers, Electronics, Marine, etc…).

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