Legacy to Low-Code: Key Reasons to Migrate from Lotus Notes to Mendix

Why Utilize Low-Code to Migrate Your Lotus Notes Applications?

In today’s digitalized world, Lotus Notes applications are dwindling in use, and organizations are migrating to modern low-code development platforms. At its peak, Lotus Notes was the go-to tool for building applications. But the outdated technology is now in its third decade and is unable to evolve with modern business needs.

Major (mission-critical) applications in a variety of industries are still using Notes today.

A few include:

  • Claims handling for insurance companies
  • Timesheet applications
  • Personnel and HR apps
  • Expense management

What you get from this white paper

Why Low-Code? With Mendix you have the ability to go mobile, and modern workforces demand having their applications at their fingertips. Download the White Paper: “Legacy to Low-Code: Key Reasons to Migrate from Lotus to Mendix” to find out more. You’ll learn about:

  • How to take advantage of rewriting the applications as if you are building a new app by capturing user stories, use cases, and scenarios (web, mobile, tablet) to understand reporting and dash-boarding requirements.
  • The poor usability and lack of governance in legacy applications lead to delays in application timelines.
  • Cost savings associated with adopting low-code.

Download now to find the best solution for successfully migrating your legacy Lotus Notes apps.

If you’re interested in more information, download Legacy to Low-Code: Key Reasons to Migrate from Lotus Notes to Mendix whitepaper from Mendix.

Download White Paper

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