Leveraging Active Sound Design for Automotive


The advancement of active sound design is made possible by the electrification of the powertrain. With ICE automobiles, the artificial sound was mostly used for sound quality and emotional reasons, but in electric vehicles, sound design becomes a functional and vital part of the driving experience.

Active sound design can also help meet the new regulatory requirement for AVAS in electrical vehicles to achieve low noise levels. Outside sounds can be emitted by the same technology to inform other road users. This sound signature should be brand-bounded and easily identifiable.

What you get from this white paper

Key Features:

  • Create dynamic interior and AVAS noises from the ground up, reflecting your brand’s image.
  • Test and fine-tune them on a real car, and make sure they meet customer expectations.
  • Incorporate high-quality AVAS sounds into your vehicle while yet adhering to regulatory restrictions.

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