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Presenter: Matt Rataiczak

Licensing Overview for Solid Edge and NX

Brief Summary of Webinar:

In this webinar, I will be explaining and demonstrating how to setup your licenses for both Solid Edge and NX. This includes both Node-Locked and Floating setups as well as the changes made to Solid Edge licensing in the past few years. The goal of this webinar is to show how you can manage your licenses while also providing information on what to do when changing license servers, or moving node-locked licenses to new machines.


  • What are Node-Locked and Floating licenses and what is different between the two?
  • Solid Edge NL Licensing
  • Solid Edge 2019 and Older Floating Licensing
  • Solid Edge 2020 and Newer Floating Licensing (NX Floating Licensing)
  • NX Node Locked Licensing
  • Moving your Licenses for the previously covered licensing methods


Presenter - Matt Rataiczak

A recent College Grad from the University of Cincinnati was a co-op providing technical support for 3 years and recently started full time as an Application Engineer.

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