Limbic Life

Swiss company uses Siemens solutions for innovative relaxation chairs with VR-controller

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This case study delves into the innovative integration of Solid Edge, a leading computer-aided design software, to create a groundbreaking chair concept with virtual reality (VR) capabilities, referred to as “Limbic Life.” By leveraging Solid Edge’s advanced tools and functionalities, a team of designers and engineers successfully conceptualized and developed a chair that enhances the user’s sensory experience through immersive VR technology. This case study investigates the design process, challenges faced, and the profound impact the Limbic Life chair has on user engagement, comfort, and overall well-being. The study sheds light on how Solid Edge’s capabilities were instrumental in realizing a novel and interactive furniture concept that revolutionizes the way people interact with their physical environment.

What you get from this case study

Key to success:

  • Conduct 3D design and re-engineering in Solid Edge, integrated into Teamcenter
  • Transfer production-relevant models to NX for Manufacturing
  • Use Teamcenter as a single base of truth

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