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5 Reasons Line Designer Stands Out

5 Reasons Line Designer Stands Out

What makes Line Designer a complete production layout solution for manufacturing engineers? It largely has to do with easy engineering change management and a single source of data. Let’s look at 5 features that make Line Designer a must-have tool if you’re working in manufacturing.

1. Managed Layout

Teamcenter offers a single source of product data—one common layout managed in Teamcenter. You’re working with the same data—the original data—seamlessly. So, whether you’re running Teamcenter Manufacturing, Plant Simulation or Process Simulate, you’ll see the same layout in Teamcenter that you see with Line Designer.

This is a distinct advantage: You can reduce engineering time with efficient change management and reduce the effort required for data collection, conversion and re-conversion.

2. Managed Library

With Line Designer, all of your information is stored in one library—there aren’t separate libraries for CAD data, layouts, simulations, etc. You won’t have to spend any of your valuable time updating and maintaining other libraries and databases.

An example of a couple of parts pulled from the Line Designer library.

3. Ease of Use

Creating manufacturing layouts is as easy as dragging and dropping parts from the library and snapping them into place. You can easily move and resize equipment, too.

Depending on the experience of each individual user, an administrator can show only the buttons needed for quick layout, with a shortcut menu that includes the most-needed commands.

It’s easy to drag and drop items from the library into Line Designer.

4. Connection with NX

Line Designer’s connection with NX offers unique capabilities that allow you to do more with less effort while designing. These features include:

  • Easy manipulation of parametric equipment
  • Collision detection during part positioning
  • Drafting automation
  • Realistic visualization of your designs

Line Designer allows you to create realistic images of your design layout.

5. Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

Choosing a software like Line Designer means you’re getting more than just strong design tool for manufacturing. You’ll increase engineering quality by integrating mechanical, electrical and software engineering. All of these different disciplines are using the same source of data.

A tool like Line Designer for NX means you’re getting consistent data, and you can improve the quality of your designs while also reducing effort.

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