Link to PMI Feature in NX CMM

This Snackbyte video covers the Link to PMI feature inside of NX CMM.

NX uses Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to display 3D annotations and dimensions in the model view space. This is also referred to as model based definition (MBD). The PMI in the NX CMM application must have the correct associated objects to create the inspection paths, features and tolerances.

Authoring PMI in Part Files

In this video, Kyle opens a machine simulation with a part file that has authored PMI. In the part file, there’s PMI in model view space. You can also see different model views, some that are MBD, that are created based on the view and dimensions that the user wants to display.

There are associated features when you select some of the dimensions. Note that many of these dimensions for PMI are going to associate lines. If you use Link to PMI and have associated lines, it’s going to create paths on those lines and not the faces of the object.

By editing the dimensions (simply double-click), you can change the associated objects. Then, select the faces that this PMI is associated with.

Using the Link to PMI Feature

When Kyle switches back to the machine simulation view, you can see that there are currently no features, inspection paths or tolerances built. But, with PMI authored in the model, he can use the Link to PMI feature to create paths and select components.

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