Lista Office Lo Streamline Processes and Product Creation Using Siemens Digital Industries Software Solutions

Office Furniture Manufacturer Uses Teamcenter to Efficiently Design and Build Competitive Solutions

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The way offices are designed and furnished has a direct impact on a company’s success, especially when it comes to innovation, motivation and efficiency. In collaboration with universities and scientists, Lista Office Group AG (Lista Office LO) turns the latest workplace research

findings into innovative solutions. The leading Swiss manufacturer designs and implements office furniture, claiming their solutions make people work enthusiastically and successfully even on Mondays.

The company’s comprehensive product portfolio manufactured in-house ranges from desks, cabinets and shelves all the way to accessories, the little everyday helpers. They combine steel and wood in all their different varieties and in combination with textiles and other materials to best cater to their customers’ tastes and required functionality.

What you get from this case study

Key to success:

  • Use Solid Edge for 3D product and project design
  • Use Teamcenter to manage all product-related information and workflows
  • Integrate with ERP software for variant configuration
  • Create part families for data consistency

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