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Low-code Application Development Learning To Go!

Have you always wanted to learn about low-code application development but never find the perfect moment for it? Are you always too busy to spend time reading articles or blogs or watching tutorial videos? No problem, we found the perfect flexible solution: a podcast! No matter where you are or when you find a gap in your busy agenda: taking the bus, cleaning the house, walking the dog… You just need to download the three episodes of our low-code application development series and listen whenever you want. Easy, right?

You won’t only learn the basics but also discover a loT of interesting and important facts around digitalization that can support your company across the journey and help to solve organization’s needs: how low-code can accelerate all parts of the lifecycle; how it improves the collaboration between business and IT; what is the digital twin and how it can be improved with low-code, etc.

Low-code Application Development using mendix

In the three episodes of this “Where today meets tomorrow” special podcast mini-series, our experts from Mendix™: Erno Rorive (Senior Portfolio Manager Ecosystem), Jakob Schillinger (Technical Evangelist) and Dina Durutlic (Product Marketing Manager) will give their vision and discuss the benefits from low-code to the industry, in special, combined with some of the Siemens solutions.

Don’t wait any longer and listen directly or download for later the podcast series!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

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