Low-Code Is Grown Up and Leading Us to the Future

How is Mendix a Low Code Platform for Your Business?

Mendix Low Code Application Platforms have emerged in response to the complexity and variety of the modern software development. Mendix is one of the most prominent players in this space according to Gartner. The competitive pressure for enterprises to digitalize is more urgent than ever, yet few have the technological and developer resources needed to successfully innovate. The low-code platform was developed to speed up the application development process, particularly by retraining and upskilling workers, a serious concern of top market CEOs, while creating a truly collaborative and agile development environment. The Mendix  Low-Code Manifesto breaks down and reduces code required in a platform that many analysts believe will set the future of software development.

The Mendix Low-Code Manifesto sets out these five core application development pillars

  • Focus on business impact – Create alignment, achieve clarity, succeed quickly.
  • Unleash all the makers from across the enterprise – No brain power goes to waste.
  • Do everything with an agile attitude – Empower small teams, build for the cloud, deploy swiftly and often.
  • Assemble from existing business capabilities – Utilize established assets, do not default to building from scratch.
  • Connect everything – APIs, integrations, new ways to access data — be open and accessible.
In response to the difficulty and variety of modern software development, Mendix Low Code Application Platforms arose

With the Mendix Low-Code Application platform, enterprises can enhance an enterprise’s development capability to overcome the software development block. “Build it Smart” by making apps with rich native experiences that are intelligent, proactive, and contextual, and “Build at Scale” to modernize core systems and build large app portfolios to keep pace with business growth. The Mendix platform is built to promote intense collaboration between business and IT teams, and dramatically accelerate application development cycles, while maintaining the highest standards of security, quality, and governance — in short, to help enterprises confidently leap into their digital futures.

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