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Machine Builders using NX CAD & CAM to make products

The world is beginning to revolve around digitalization very quickly. In addition to the advancements in technology, DMG Mori is on the cutting edge of this revolution in the machine-building industry. DMG Mori is one of the largest machine builders in the world specializing in automation, digitalization, and additive manufacturing. However, DMG Mori has used Siemens PLM software to achieve new capabilities like never before.

With an increase in product development and time to market DMG Mori machines allow more projects to get completed with less downtime. In addition to creating more time for the engineering team, there is more time for engineers to improve their processes and refine their tools used.

The engineering team at DMG Mori has been fully integrated with what Siemens has to offer with CAD/CAM-CNC chain of NX software Siemens has given the team more abilities to machine tools like never before. With the new enhancements, additive manufacturing adds, NX is the ideal software for such a labor-intensive development.

In addition to just constructing the machines and selling them, DMG Mori is proud to stand with a customer and understand their manufacturing needs. Just like the saying goes “one size doesn’t fit all,” this is very true for the manufacturing industry as well and for software.

There is a level of confidence when you purchase a machine, but as a bonus, DMG Mori is there to help you advise on how to set your machines up. This is a service that is offered to all customers of DMG Mori. Find the right fit for your company, and ask questions, allow for the experts to give you all the intel you are looking for to make sure your processes more streamlined.

Just like DMG Mori, PROLIM PLM can help advise you on the right configuration. PROLIM PLM has certified Siemens trainers to teach you all the ends and out of the software capabilities Siemens can offer. If you have any questions on which bundle of NX is most compatible with your designs and manufacturing processes, call us today for a full understanding of what capabilities Siemens software can offer you.

Interested in more information, contact us at: market@prolim.com.

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