Machine complexity as a differentiator

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The world we know it is changing at an exponential rate. Due to the advent of digital technology, ever-changing consumer demands are resulting in more complex products. In turn, evolving product complexity has translated into machine complexity. As a result, machine builders are fighting to stay competitive against digital, global manufacturers while trying to become more agile. Undoubtedly, this has put immense pressure to reduce margins and overdeliver on projects just to stay afloat.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Digital technology, multi-disciplinary engineering, and collaborative design can help machine builders embrace machine complexity and deliver machines faster. Undoubtedly, this transformation is well underway for large machine builders. Whereas for small to medium-sized machine builders the answer isn’t so simple. Specifically, they don’t need a major overhaul. They want to get control of their project data using their existing tools.

Machine complexity as a differentiator

Siemens PLM for Machine Builders is the answer

With the full power of Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), machine builders of any size can get an instant-on, cloud-based PLM system. PLM for Machine Builders captures years of expertise in system deployment and configuration allowing you to:

  • Work with the CAD systems of your choice
  • Maximize reuse with modularized platform design, library, and BOM management​
  • Synchronize the release of engineering parts, assemblies, and drawings to improve the clarity of manufacturing processes​
  • Ensure you are meeting customer requirements with transparent project management that includes an accurate view of project status​

See for yourself!

Pretty cool, right? Test drive the solution by clicking on the button below:

For more information on Siemens PLM for Machine Builders, visit our website. Or give us a follow on LinkedIn and Twitter as we unveil new and exciting updates coming to the Teamcenter portfolio.

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