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Machine Line Planner

NX is very powerful with various capabilities and functions. In the newest release of NX, Siemens PLM is continuing to allow its customer the option to stay ahead of its competition. When the newest release is out all you have to do is allow the update. This is true for CAD, CAM, CMM, and Additive manufacturing.

NX Machine Line Planner is a solution for high-volume production utilized for the complexity of machining parts and their feature associated with those parts. This NX attribute empowers the programming, balancing, distribution, and simulation operations over multiple setups and/or machines. The enhancement made in NX allows the planning of manufacturing of more than one product at a time. This is very common in the picture below.

As you see in the example, Setup 1 is the machined upper part of the transmission-case, in Setup 2 is the lower part, and in Setup 3 is the assembly of the both parts machined together. Even though this programming was very simple, NX allows for you to have the flexibility to choose a product or a combination of products for machining and the system will plan the rest.

Another bonus Siemens has integrated is the capability of exporting a solid IPW for each setup. In-process Workpiece or also known as IPW, tracks the status of the machined part by using a template if you will, or a standard IPW as an input.

This attribute allows for visualization of the part being machined at each phase of a multi-step process. The IPW can create drawings of each of phase, allowing for proper documentation for customers or validation that each multi-step was in fact taken. The down-stream associativity is automatically updated allowing all process or design changes to be completely accurate.

A machine Line planner is something ever company needs, and even if you think you’re on the brink of the next “big thing,” don’t limit your innovation capabilities.

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