Make or Buy? Using off-the-shelf vs in-house Tools for Electrical and Electronic Systems Development


Many modern products, including automobiles, aircraft and industrial machinery, contain sophisticated electrical and electronic (E/E) systems. E/E systems now deliver much of the product’s functionality, but impact key parameters such as reliability, cost, and weight. While E/E systems development has traditionally been supported by in-house tools, powerful commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions are now available to support E/E systems development, including wire harness manufacturing. Companies must weigh several factors when deciding whether to continue investing in in-house (proprietary) software development or to adopt COTS solutions. In particular, needs for flexibility, enterprise integration and IP protection impact this ‘make or buy’ decision in the E/E domain.

What you get from this white paper


  • E/E systems development
  • Technical consideration of COTS tools in the E/E domain
  • Explore trends indicate COTS dominance
  • Choose from Make or buy E/E systems development?

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