Making Powerful Voice Assistant Using AI

Voice Assistant is a major growing feature that changes the way people can live. It is commonly being used in smartphones and laptops. AI-based voice assistants are operating systems that can recognize the human voice and respond via integrated voices. This voice assistant will gather the audio from the microphone and then convert that into text, later it is sent through text to the speech engine. This engine will convert text into an audio file in the English language, then that audio is played using a play sound package. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for enterprises, speech technology has many applications in all sectors, including smart homes, smart devices, law, healthcare, security, finance, enterprise, and personal use. Personal use voice assistants such as Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa are devices that offer individualized speech technology experiences.

AI-based voice assistants

Key Features:

  • Voice AI to lead Charge – Thanks to growing expectations from voice assistants, AI and machine learning algorithms are being trained to understand users’ search behavior and usage changes with time. This capability to “think” or “intelligence” makes it more efficient in managing unique search queries and maintain relevance.
  • Preference for Personalized Experiences – Organizations are trying to provide more personalized services and products as a USP to attract more leads. Hence, making personalization as a key feature of voice assistant could mean more customers would more likely engage with it, which opens up a new opportunity in customer data source while acting as a channel of communication.
  • Enter Conversational Marketing – Voice technology has an immense scope in conversational marketing. Since voice assistants are becoming more common, and conversational AI is making huge improvements, this form of marketing may dominate for a really long time. Further, it is the fastest way to move buyers through marketing and sales channels through the power of real-time conversations. It will also build relationships and help to create authentic experiences with customers and buyers.
  • Shift in Key role of Voice assistant – Voice search changing how people behave in their daily lives. For instance, voice search technology enables people to multitask in ways that were not thinkable previously. There is no doubt that voice assistants can also give a boost to productivity via task tracking, reminders, and time management. Businesses build analytical queries over massive data, dividing data by date ranges or functions using only user voice. Such assistants also help you not only interpret the data but also provide visualization as well.

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