On Demand Webinar
Presenter: Jibin Oommen

Marine Design – Achieve Higher Speed, Efficiency & Reduce Emission

Brief Summary of Webinar:


Marine Industry is heading towards a new future with being sustainable, interconnected, cost-effective, and high-tech solutions. With the help of the current technology, relying on tank tests of physical, scaled ship models is no longer necessary. The shift towards CFD technology brings many advantages over traditional methods when analyzing performance predictions and optimizing the design of vessels.

CFD Technology can provide Marine Industry solutions that can improve hydrodynamic and aerodynamic performances, propulsion systems, acoustics, structural integrity, early design optimization, and ship lifecycle management.

In this session, you will learn how technologies:

  • Support innovation while reducing the overall development time, costs, and risks!
  • Increase production efficiency and quality while reducing production costs!
  • Cut fuel consumption and emission through a holistic design approach!


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