Spanish engineering company uses Solid Edge to cut design time by 50 percent

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The case study explores the groundbreaking contributions of JALVASUB Engineering, a leading company specializing in marine engineering and the design of advanced underwater vehicles. It highlights the company’s expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and collaborative approach to tackling complex marine challenges. Through a series of successful projects, JALVASUB Engineering has pushed the boundaries of marine technology, revolutionizing deep-sea exploration, offshore energy, underwater research, and subsea operations. The study examines the company’s core competencies, including advancements in propulsion systems, navigation and control systems, material engineering, and sensor integration. These innovations have significantly enhanced underwater exploration capabilities, improved operational efficiency, and ensured the safety of marine personnel. JALVASUB Engineering’s collaborative partnerships with research institutions, government agencies, and industry stakeholders have fostered knowledge exchange, access to specialized resources, and collective problem-solving. Beyond traditional sectors, the study highlights the potential applications of JALVASUB Engineering’s technology in environmental monitoring, marine conservation, and underwater archaeology. Overall, the case study underscores the profound impact of JALVASUB Engineering’s advancements in marine engineering and its potential to shape the future of underwater exploration and operations.

What you get from this case study

Key to success:

  • Build a comprehensive digital twin of complex parts and assemblies
  • Use Solid Edge for 3D product design
  • Use Simcenter FLOEFD for computational fluid dynamics analysis

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