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Material Management & Potholes


What do Material Management and Potholes have in common?  

 First, let’s think about potholes.  Potholes are known for destroying our roads and most importantly, the cars we drive.   Until a discovery by MacRebur, a company in Scotland, potholes were an inevitable destructive part of our life.  MacRebur, theorized that roadways would have less likelihood of experiencing potholes after being filled with a new material, a mixture of asphalt and plastic material waste. This material would allow for more flexibility due to the plastic material properties in the mixture.  

The impact of this new discovery on waste would be astonishing.  Based on the study completed1 kilometer of road composed of this plastic waste and asphalt could be translated to 684,000 plastic bottles or 1.8 million plastic bags that would be diverted from landfills and oceans!  

 So, if you are still asking yourself, what do Material Management and Potholes have in common It’s product innovation. PLM enables engineers to spend their time finding endless innovations with material management(even if the problem is a pothole) 

 So, let the software manage the background noise, keeping track of details, data and mindless operations that keep human minds spinning. Allow your engineers to utilize their minds to find the best innovations and bring them to life.  

 PLM  can give your company to grow through innovation, speed up time to market, control cost, and reduce the risk of unknown surprises.   


Think the future, think PLM, think PROLIM.  

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