Digital Transformation

Automate your legacy processes, gather key analytics and gain useful insights to address your business challenges using Mendix – a leader in low code enterprise development. Mendix allows you to accelerate innovation and business agility by allowing you to build web apps and native mobile apps easily and quickly with minimal coding.

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Level up your digital journey with low code rapid software development services

The platform is designed to accelerate enterprise application development and deployment. It provides tools to build, test, deploy, and iterate applications. The Mendix application platform is based on visual, model-driven software development. The platform offers both no code (business domain experts) and low code (professional technical developers)

Rapid Development

Launch better apps and products faster, minimize risk and delivery time while allowing you to engage more with customers and business users during software development.

Easy Collaboration

Allows your entire extended team, from business stakeholders to professional developers, collaborates through an intuitive and easy web portal.


The apps, solutions run on a variety of deployment options, including public cloud, virtual private cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, multi cloud, and traditional (virtual) servers

Our Solutions

PROLIM’s Mendix App Factory has designed solutions to solve various challenges faced by our customers

CPQ for Doors & Windows

CPQ for Doors & Windows allows Sales Representatives to generate accurate quotes and complete proposals within minutes on their handheld devices.

PLM RoI Calculator

Return on Investment (ROI) is a metric that measures the profitability of an investment and evaluates the gain on an investment.

CPQ – Configure Price Quote

CPQ is a tool used by sales representatives to produce quotes for specific orders quickly and accurately, along with a full proposal for real-time prices within minutes.

Service Management

Issue Management Application using Mendix is a business solution that lets you track, monitor, and handle feedback from customers in a simple way.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management using Mendix is a Real-time tool for monitoring and tracking end-to-end content flows with quality controls.

Energy Resource Management

Our Windmill Monitoring Application developed using Mendix presents a Dashboard to monitor the health of windfarms and windmills under them.