Mendix FSM in Action at Mitsubishi Elevator Europe

Mitsubishi Elevator Europe (MEE) performs elevator maintenance and renovations but is also no stranger to some beautiful custom-made builds. MEE recently launched an entirely new line of elevators, the MOVE. This new generation of elevators has a sophisticated operating system that gathers data for hundreds of parameters of every individual MOVE elevator. MEE chose to leverage Mendix FSM to help it provide better service and maintenance.

Mendix Field Service Management Suite

The Mendix FSM suite is a comprehensive and integrated set of field service management software applications enabling the digital transformation of FSM operations. The suite is cloud-based. Each application is adaptive, flexible, and scalable to meet each customers’ requirements.

Insight into Asset Performance

First, a remote monitoring service (RMS) application was developed (on the Mendix low-code Platform) to capture data from the elevators’ operating system. Now linked to the Mendix FSM suite and its enormous storage capacity and powerful analytics capabilities, MEE support and R&D personnel have insight into each elevator worldwide, its past and current functioning, and its service needs.

“At Mitsubishi, we apply innovative technology to provide our users with the best service possible. That’s why we work together with partners who have the mindset. For us, Mendix FSM is a partner who brings this into practice every day. We are very satisfied with the end result and our collaboration,” said Evert Visser, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Elevator Europe.

Predictive monitoring

Continuous insight into elevator usage and performance greatly improves maintenance through predictive monitoring and analytics. MEE can react to small things that might lead to an issue before there is any disturbance for customers. Mechanics can remotely view the actual number of runs the elevator has made since the last maintenance and can gauge whether the specific elevator might need some extra care and attention due to heavy usage.

All this information is also extremely valuable for MEE’s R&D department, helping them further improve the MOVE Elevator. And with everything accessible via the Mendix FSM suite, customer contact runs more smoothly and is significantly faster.

If you’re interested in more information, do read Mendix FSM in Action at Mitsubishi Elevator Europe blog from Mendix.

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