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Mendix Teamcenter Integration – Part 1

Teamcenter Connector module for Mendix helps in integrating and consuming services offered by Teamcenter from Mendix Applications. All the services supported by Teamcenter SOA specification can be performed using the Connector. Let’s explore how we can import the Connector module and configure it and execute service on Teamcenter side from our Mendix Application.


  • Mendix Studio Pro greater than v8.5.0
  • Appropriate Teamcenter License
  • A working Teamcenter server instance that can be accessed externally. Minimum Teamcenter version that is supported is 10.1.6

Download the module:

  • Open the AppStore Icon on the menu bar and search for the Application Teamcenter Connector. Click download in the App window
  • Click Import as new in the subsequent dialog box to import the module to our current Mendix Project under the App Store Modules directory.

Mendix Application Configuration:

In order to configure the Teamcenter connector to run properly in the Mendix app, there are already inbuilt microflows and pages created as part of the Teamcenter Connector module. We need to perform the following steps so the microflows are executed in order and relevant pages are shown.

Open the Navigation Settings under the Project menu and update the Default Home Page and Home Menu item in the Navbar to execute the AdminLogin Microflow from the Tc Connector module.

Mendix Teamcenter Connector AdminLogin Microflow Modul
After Sign-in Microflow in Mendix

Run the project locally and we should the below Page which is shown as part of the AdminLogin Microflow.

Endpoint Configuration for Teamcenter Connectivity:

Click the Teamcenter Configurations Tile in the above screen and Click New to create a new configuration with endpoint details.

Without SSO Enabled

Mendix Teamcenter Configuration without SSO Enabled

With SSO Enabled

SSO RegisterRequestHandlers to our application microflow Mendix Runtime

SSO Enabled Configuration

Mendix Teamcenter Configuration with SSO Enabled
  1. Enter a name for the configuration.
  2. Enter the Teamcenter Host Endpoint Address
    http://<teamcenter Instance IP>:<PORT>/tc
    ex: http://pnitmcs2562:7001/tc
  3. Enter the FMS URL as below
    http://<teamcenter Instance IP>:<PORT>
    ex: http://pnitmcs2562:4544

In order to enable SSO authentication, we first need to add SSO_RegisterRequestHandlers to our Mendix Runtime startup microflow as in the below screen.

  1. We need to provide SSO Login Server URL in the below format.
  2. We need to provide SSO Identity Server URL in below format
  3. Teamcenter Application ID
  4. Mendix Application ID


We have configured all the necessary steps to connect to Teamcenter and if we click login tile on the homepage. It should now take us to Teamcenter Login Page where we need to enter the Username and Password which will establish a connection to the Teamcenter Instance and also save the Username and Password in the session so it can be used to communicate while performing or invoking any service from the Mendix Application.

After Sign-in TC Microflow in Mendix
Siemens Teamcenter Configuration Login in Mendix

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