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What is Mendix?

Mendix is a low-code software development platform. The platform is designed to accelerate enterprise application development and deployment. It provides tools to build, test, deploy and iterate applications. The Mendix application platform is based on visual, model-driven software development.
Mendix helps in building functional applications within hours including development, testing and deployment and transforms the Software Development lifecycle using below features which makes Mendix powerful and agile.It allows you to implement both Agile and DevOps best practices.
The Mendix platform is designed for a variety of app developers, from business-oriented developers without any software development skills to very experienced technical developers with extensive software development and programming experience. The platform offers both No code (business domain experts) and low code (professional technical developers)

Our Solutions

Activity Monitoring Application

Mendix is a low-code software platform for the collaborative development of mobile and web-based applications.

Windmill Dashboard

Low Code software development is the future of Application Development eco-system.

Smart Office App

An office space equipped with IoT Devices, Sensors and thus connected to the internet to make office environment more interactive, is often referred to as a “smart office”.

Visual Development:

Allows to sync and control the app development process between business developers using the Mendix Studio and professional developers using the Mendix Studio Pro, each using a visual, model-driven development tool tailored for them. All your application models are automatically shared bi-directionally between Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro.

  • Mendix Studio (Web): Provides a frictionless entry point into application development. Business developers can actively participate in the app development process, utilizing a browser-based development environment tailored for them. This simple-to-use, WYSIWYG (What you see is what you Get) environment enables non-technical domain experts to ideate and iterate rapidly.
  • Mendix Studio Pro: Add complex logic and build sophisticated integrations to create enterprise-grade, transactional web and mobile applications. It includes all the capabilities required for software development, including the ability to add custom code when needed.

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Collaborative Development

Your entire extended team, from business stakeholders to professional developers, collaborates through an intuitive and easy web portal, which includes Buzz: your company and app-specific social media feed for cross-functional communication and visibility.

  • Team Development: Empower a diverse array of participants to develop applications without creating risk or technical debt. Utilize version control to automatically reconcile the work of multiple teams into a single, unified revision, tied back to user stories.
  • Feedback Management: Utilize feedback across the entire app journey to continuously iterate in-process applications, consulting domain experts and professional developers, alike. Post-deployment capture feedback from users not directly participating in application development and turn it into actionable user stories to drive your next development sprint.


Mendix applications run on the platform’s cloud-native stateless runtime architecture that conforms to Twelve-Factor App principles with support for modern cloud platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. As a result, Mendix apps benefit from auto-scaling, auto-provisioning, auto-healing, low infrastructure overhead, CI/CD, and cloud interoperability out of the box.

Mendix applications run on a variety of deployment options, including public cloud, virtual private cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and traditional (virtual) servers.

Mendix supports all the major cloud providers:

In addition, Mendix offers formal partnerships with IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and AWS.

Logic and Custom Code

Application logic is created in Mendix in the form of nanoflows and microflows. These are visual ways of expressing what traditionally ends up in functions or methods of programming code. In other words, microflows and nanoflows allow you to easily and visually add complex business logic to the processes in your application without having to write code.

The Mendix App Platform ensures that small, multi-functional teams build and deploy complex business applications faster than ever. This platform allows you to integrate with any system or cloud and ensures continuous delivery with built-in CI/CD automation. Mendix provides tools to support the entire application lifecycle starting with business requirements to building user stories and automated testing and deployment.