Mendix: Low-code Application Development Platform

A leader in low code enterprise development. Mendix allows you to accelerate innovation and business agility by allowing you to build web apps and native mobile apps easily and quickly with minimal coding.

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Low Code Platform

Mendix is a low-code application development platform that allows users to create custom software without needing extensive coding knowledge. With its intuitive visual interface, users can easily drag and drop components to build and deploy applications quickly. Mendix is ideal for businesses that want to rapidly create software solutions to meet their specific needs, without the time and expense of traditional software development.

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Why use low code and no code for businesses?

By utilizing rapid and agile application development, you can decrease your time-to-market by 10 times.

Achieve rapid scaling of your operations by seamlessly connecting people, processes, and systems to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Collaborate on innovation and bring your ideas to fruition by empowering both business and IT teams.

Features of Mendix

Exploring the Powerful Capabilities and Benefits of Mendix: A Low-Code Development Platform

Visual Modeling

The platform offers a drag-and-drop visual modeling interface that allows users to easily create data models, workflows, user interfaces, and more.


Mendix enables teams to work collaboratively on application development, with features like version control, commenting, and project management.

Rapid App Development

Enable diverse co-creation using a shared visual language and IDEs for efficient, rapid business app development.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage smart applications; seamlessly integrate AI and cognitive services to elevate the effectiveness of your solutions.

Cloud Hosting

Create and deploy resilient apps, no expertise needed. Click once to deploy anywhere, with portability and scalability.

Smart Automation

Deliver seamless end-to-end process automation with integrated applications that connect people, data, and systems.

Cross Model Experience

Develop visually stunning and smart applications for exceptional cross-modal experiences across touchpoints.

Data Integration

Be open and extensible at all levels: platform, models, and apps. Integrate data and logic from any service, system, or source.

Visual Development

Allows to sync and control the app development process between business developers using the Mendix Studio and professional developers using the Mendix Studio Pro, each using a visual, model-driven development tool tailored for them. All your application models are automatically shared bi-directionally between Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro.

Mendix Studio Web

Studio (Web)

Mendix Studio Web is a low-code development platform that allows users to easily create web applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make app development simple and efficient.

Mendix Studio Pro

Studio Pro

Add complex logic and build sophisticated integrations to create enterprise-grade, transactional web and mobile applications. It includes all the capabilities required for software development, including the ability to add custom code when needed.

FeatureMendix Studio WebMendix Studio Pro
Development TypeWeb applications onlyWeb and Mobile applications
Pre-built TemplatesYesNo
Advanced-Data ModelingNoYes
Custom Widget CreationNoYes
Full-Stack DevelopmentNoYes
Advanced CollaborationYesYes
Deployment OptionsCloud onlyCloud or on-premises

Collaborative Development

Your entire extended team, from business stakeholders to professional developers, collaborates through an intuitive and easy web portal, which includes Buzz: your company and app-specific social media feed for cross-functional communication and visibility.

Team Development

Empower a diverse array of participants to develop applications without creating risk or technical debt. Utilize version control to automatically reconcile the work of multiple teams into a single, unified revision, tied back to user stories.

Feedback Management

Utilize feedback across the entire app journey to continuously iterate in-process applications, consulting domain experts and professional developers, alike. Post-deployment capture feedback from users not directly participating in application development and turn it into actionable user stories to drive your next development sprint.

Collaborative Development in Mendix

Cloud Deployment

Mendix applications run on the platform’s cloud-native stateless runtime architecture that conforms to Twelve-Factor App principles with support for modern cloud platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. As a result, apps benefit from auto-scaling, auto-provisioning, auto-healing, low infrastructure overhead, CI/CD, and cloud interoperability out of the box.

Applications run on a variety of deployment options, including public cloud, virtual private cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and traditional (virtual) servers.


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