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Approval Management System

FASCIA | AMS  is a comprehensive and user-friendly Approval Management System designed to streamline and automate the approval processes within organizations of all sizes. This powerful product empowers businesses to efficiently manage, track, and expedite various approval workflows, resulting in enhanced productivity, reduced delays, and improved compliance. With the capacity to accommodate up to 7 levels of approval, decision-making becomes effortless through one-click email links, ensuring swift and precise approvals or rejections.

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Simplify Approval Management with AMS

Email Approval

Email Approval in Mendix simplifies the approval process with automatic login and options to Approve, Reject, Revert (get more info), and View requests.


Approver can delegate approval authority to another person. The application provides a form to be filled out by the approver with the name of the delegate and the specific dates.

Intuitive Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard provides a clear overview of all ongoing approval processes. Gain insights into pending, approved, and rejected requests at a glance.


Suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, scalable as your organization grows. This product also allows for different types of approvals such as Reimbursement or specific types of payments.

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Individual and Team Approvals

Mendix excels in user management, offering customizable workflows for seamless individual approval processes. With integrated email and notification features, users can effortlessly communicate. Additionally, Mendix’s innovative team approval system streamlines workflows by categorizing approvals, ensuring efficient project execution while reducing delays.

Key Benefits

Improve productivity with Automated Approval Process

Ensure accountability at each operational stage

Approval Management System

Assure adherence to industry regulations and internal policies.

Simplify license management with predefined workflows


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