Asset Management App using Mendix

Asset Management app in an office space equipped with IoT Devices.

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Asset Management App using Mendix

Asset Management app in an office space equipped with IoT Devices, Sensors, and thus connected to the internet to make the office environment more interactive, is often referred to as a “smart office”. It represents an intelligent ecosystem that relies on a number of connected Devices, Sensors that, in general, monitor, control, and manage various operations and working conditions.

Smart Office App is Developed using Mendix Studio, to track assets in offices at different locations globally and monitor the office environment remotely. This solution helps to centralize inventory management and efficiently manage assets regardless of the physical location.

In this specific implementation, the office temperature, humidity and laptops are being monitored across offices globally.

Working Principle

  • Each office is fitted with a BLE beacon reader and temperature/humidity sensors that connect with a gateway (Raspberry Pi).
  • Laptops are attached with BLE beacon which is scanned by BLE reader installed in office and sends the number of laptops in the office.
  • Gateway is enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity and communicates with Mendix.
  • The IoT Device data so can easily be stored in the Mendix with some API calls.
  • Mendix gives you all flexibility to build a complete end-to-end responsive App with a better user experience to visualize and test in desktop, tablet, and mobile view format with a responsive UI.
  • For the Smart Office App, we have used the TimeSeries Connector to fetch the IoT Device data. You also need to provide Asset ID, Channel Key, and Measurement Interval to get the data.
  • Coming to the Application development and project life cycle management perspective, Mendix provides Agile Methodology for rapid development of the Apps also to maintain a strong collaboration within the Teams.
  • Mendix provides developer friendly drag and drop UI, which gives lots of flexibilities like quick App development, ready to use modules which are internally gives lots of abstraction layers from inbuilt code management.
  • For this app we have used many inbuilt functionalities of Mendix studio like Microflows (which allow us to express the logic of our application. A microflow can perform actions such as creating and updating objects, showing pages and making choices), Domain Model (for creating entity  and its structure), Data view (for invoking data source and Microflows), Pie chart, Line chart (for displaying the IoT Device data for proper insights on visualization).

Global Office Locations

Dashboard displaying Temperature & Humidity


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