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CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a solution designed to make the sales process easier, faster and accurate. CPQ which is available in web, tablet and mobile versions can be used by the Sales person to generate quotes and complete proposals quickly and accurately.

Our Configure Price Quote for Doors & Windows application is a solution that lets the sales organization set up pricing rules, reduce administrative tasks and generate quotes and proposals as per the customized specifications provided by the user. This solution is built using the tools and features provided by the low code platform – Mendix.

This solution is developed considering the requirements to build Windows, Patio Doors and Front Doors.

The user will input the customized specifications, required quantities and other features of the product as input and the application provides an optimized and accurate quote based on the selected parameters. This solution is available in various versions (Browser, Mobile and Tablet) and can be accessed from anywhere.

“CPQ is available in various versions (Browser, Mobile, and Tablet) and can be accessed from anywhere”
CPQ Doors & Windows Application

CPQ Specifications

The solution provides the following functionalities to generate a proposal for the required product specifications.
  • Customer Details – The application captures the customer details such as customer name, location, contact details and expected delivery date.
  • Product Selection – This section of the application provides the selection of the Product Type. The product options available include Windows, Patio Doors and Front Doors.
  • Product Configuration – The selection of Product Type provides the option of selecting the product configurations based on the Type, Material and Inspiration.
  • Product Parameters – It displays the parameters of the selected product based on the preferred product configuration.
  • Proposal Generation – It includes the process of setting up the pricing rules, analyzing the product specifications and calculating a quote for the customized product based on the requirements.
Configure Price Quote Mobile View
CPQ - Configure Price Quote Specification

Product Configuration Details

This page displays different Product Configurations to select certain high-level parameters of the required product providing better choices resulting in improved customer experience. The product configurations based on the selected product type include.
  • The Type – It includes the selection of the product based on different types available.
    • Windows Type – Casement, Double Hung, Bay n Bow, Awning and others.
    • Patio Door Type – Folding, French, Sliding etc.
    • Front Door – Solid, Fan Lite, Door with sidelite and others.
  • The Material – It specifies the material choices based on the product selected.
    • Window Material – Wood, vinyl, Fiberglass.
    • Patio Door Material – Fiberglass, Steel, Galvanised Steel and others.
    • Front Door Material – Steel, Wood, Glass.
  • The Inspiration – It includes Style options like Contemporary, Modern; Colour options like black brown and product requirements based on Room Types like bedroom, living room, kitchen and others.
Define Product Configuration Details
Product Parameter Details

Product Parameter Details

This section displays the list of parameters based on the selected Product Type and Configuration. The user inputs the parameter values as per the requirements to generate an accurate quote for the required customized product. The different parameters include – Height, Width, Quantity, Hinge Type, Handle Design, Exterior Colour, Grill Type, Lever Combination, and others.

Proposal Generation & Overview

The required product’s price is determined using its final specs, component pricing policies, discounts, and cost of labor. The customer information, company goals, confidentiality clauses, final product specs, and pricing information are all included in the pricing proposal that is prepared.

Proposal Generation in CPQ


CPQ solution built by PROLIM enables the sales organization to organize data, track and analyze the required specifications, estimate concise quotes, modify a quote in response to a change request and create service level agreements based on customer’s configuration choices. This promotes efficient, productive and satisfactory customer relationships.


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