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Streamline Sales Success: Simplify Your CPQ Process with Mendix Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solution

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CPQ – Configure Price Quote Mendix Solution

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a tool used by Sales Representatives to quickly and accurately generate quotes for specific orders, along with a complete pricing proposal real-time within minutes. This solution is available in various versions (Browser, Mobile, and Tablet) and can be accessed from anywhere.

The sales representative will input customized specifications of the product, quantities, and the optional features as input and generate an optimized proposal based on the selected parameters. This solution is developed in the context of an Industrial Refrigeration System but can be easily extended to any other products. This is built using the low code platform – Mendix that enables collaborative development of mobile, tablet, and web-based applications.

“CPQ is available in various versions (Browser, Mobile, and Tablet) and can be accessed from anywhere”
CPQ is available in different versions (Browser, Phone and Tablet) and accessible from anywhere

Customer and Product Details

  • CPQ Customer and Product detail form capture Customer details such as customer name, location and delivery date.
  • The second section captures the details of the system. In the case of Refrigeration systems, it captures parameters like Ambient temperature, relative humidity and target load.
  • System Design: Additional details are captured in the bottom section of system design such as Compressor Manufacturer, Voltage Frequency, etc.
Mendix CPQ captures Customer details such as customer name, location and delivery date
Mendix CPQ additional details are captured in the bottom section.

Optimization of the Generated Proposal

CPQ Proposal view includes the analysis stage of the defined requirements. The combination rules for the created product are checked for validation and an overview is generated. It also provides information like the number of compressors required with different capacities and other specifications to meet the customer’s demand.

The sales executive can also provide the option of optimizing the current proposal based on the following parameters:

  • Cost – This option lets you modify certain requirements to some extent from the customized specifications and regenerate the proposal with minimized cost using the available discounts and other features allowing the sales representative to quote prices quickly and accurately.
  • Lead Time – It lets the executive provide the customer with the changes in the specification that must be incorporated if the customer needs a least delivery period.
  • Power (Horsepower) – It enables the sales representative to get an updated proposal with auto generated estimates that include optimization based on the maximized Horsepower.
Mendix CPQ Proposal view includes the analysis stage of the defined requirements
Mendix CPQ proposal view dashboard 2 provides details such as the number of compressors with different capacities and other requirements needed to meet customer demand

Proposal Generation

CPQ Proposal Generation integrates with Teamcenter and automates the generation of the proposal that includes the specifications of the finalized requirements, the pricing policies of the components, discounts involved, the 3D images of the components and the product, the formal policies of the organization, procedures for auditing and monitoring and many more confidential information. 

Mendix cpq proposal section integrates with Teamcenter and automates proposal generation
CPQ using Mendix displays Pricing a proposal

CPQ solution built enables the organisation to configure a complex customized product in collaboration with the customer by having real-time enquiries, customized product descriptions, accurate price estimates for better decision processing thus leading to reduced engineering efforts, improved visibility, enhanced reliability and efficient customer service.


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