Energy Resource Management using Mendix

The future of the Application Development eco-system is Mendix’s low code software development.

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Energy Resource Management using Mendix

Mendix is a Low Code software development is the future of the Application Development eco-system. Mendix is the leader in a low code platform currently with its impeccable capabilities in providing a visual, model-driven software development platform for developers to build robust, visually rich Applications with smaller teams and reduced development efforts when compared to its competitors in this paradigm.

Our Windmill Monitoring Application developed using Mendix presents a Dashboard to monitor the health of windfarms and windmills under them. It also displays alerts and various metrics/analytics in visual graphs and charts which can be monitored by the Administrator and take necessary corrective action in a timely manner if required.

We have designed the Windmill & Windfarm Monitoring system using Mendix and its low code application development tools including Mendix Studio Pro v8.2 for the majority of the development and styling and Mendix Web Modeler for custom theming. Adapting Mendix in our application development cycle incurred following benefits when compared to traditional software development architecture:

  • Smaller Team size of 2 people (backend, frontend) vs 1 person (Mendix Developer).
  • Reduced Development efforts (close to 5 months on traditional technology stack) vs 10 ~ 15 days on Mendix.
  • Improved Collaboration using Team Server and Mendix Web Portal without any external tools like GIT or JIRA.
  • No Hassle of building complex Logic using Programming Languages like Java, Python, etc.., and instead focus on smaller executable flowcharts i.e. Mendix Microflows to facilitate the backend of the application which is completely visually driven with drag and drop blocks and configuration.
  • One-click deployment of the Application to Mendix Cloud at free of cost (with restricted usage).

Apart from all the above benefits, the biggest unchallenged advantage of migrating to Mendix for Application Development when compared to a traditionally stack-based Application Development environment would be the Mendix App Store. It provides many useful and feature-rich Third-party built components like Widgets, Connectors, and Building Blocks which are created by other developers and Third-party organizations which enhance the base components provided by Mendix and accelerate development efforts by letting developers simply import the required module and not worrying about the internal logic. Eg: Any Chart JS widget in App Store provides rich functionality when compared to the internal Mendix Chart widget based on Plotly JS.

The Windmill Monitoring Dashboard comprises mainly of below User-facing Components:

Login Page

Mendix Windmill monitoring login page

Dashboard Page

The Dashboard is designed using various components like Table for static data, Column Chart, Time Series Charts, Horizontal and Circular Progress Bars and Data widgets like Data View, List View and Data Grid. Each Section contains a Card styled in CSS as Background with another widget like a Table or a Chart on the foreground. Animations on hover and click are achieved partly by Mendix and CSS.

Wind Farm Location Page

Windmills Location Page (Texas, Dallas Wind Farm zoomed in)


Microflows form the backend logic in this application for various functionalities like custom Login, fetching data from Domain Model Entities to render the charts.

SASS / CSS Styling

We are using SASS for custom CSS styling with Gulp as pre-compiler as recommended by Mendix Team in order to achieve better styling. Also, efficient use of Container widgets can help in building responsive UI.


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