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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, many companies are not able to manage their Innovation portfolio and, hence not able to solve strategic challenges. Having a product to manage the ideas will help you make decisions consistent with your goals and strategy, introduce clear responsibilities that will hold people accountable for progress, as well as create a set of common rules that make the process transparent and understandable for everyone. PROLIM’s Idea Exchange product allows you to achieve the ideation goals of the Innovation Strategy

Key Product Capabilities

Exploring the Multifaceted Strengths of Our Product’s Key Capabilities, Redefining Performance Standards.

Idea Submission & Collaboration

Effortlessly share, gather feedback, and collaboratively refine concepts. A hub for dynamic brainstorming among peers.

Voting &

Empower users to vote on ideas, spotlighting the most promising ones. A democratic system for efficient decision-making.

Idea Validation &

Efficiently assess concepts. Experts evaluate alignment, feasibility, value. Streamlined feedback loop ensures robust decisions.

Idea Transformation Platform

This product empowers users to propose ideas, tagging specific departments or all department heads. Ideas undergo peer evaluation via upvotes and comments. Chosen department heads can approve ideas, initiating planning, execution, and evaluation stages. Idea Exchange product ensures seamless transformation of concepts into actions, fostering transparency and collaborative innovation alignment.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Turn imagination into reality with our app. From concept to fruition, we’re your partner in idea actualization. Elevate your creativity today!

Diverse Idea Generation

Elevate innovation through our Idea Exchange Software, fostering diverse input from participants. Varied perspectives ignite creativity, leading to a spectrum of pioneering ideas.

Efficient Idea Management

Our software streamlines idea handling. Organize, categorize, and prioritize submissions effortlessly, expediting assessment and enabling swift, informed decisions.

Idea Exchange Mobile

Transparent Collaboration

Foster transparent collaboration in idea refinement. Our platform facilitates open discussions, constructive feedback, and collective idea shaping, enhancing clarity and quality.

Quantifiable Insights

Gain actionable insights with our Idea Exchange Software. Track engagement metrics, participation levels, and idea implementation success. Informed by data, refine strategies for optimal innovation outcomes.


PROLIM’s Idea Exchange Solution is revolutionizing the way organizations harness innovation. By providing a user-friendly platform that facilitates idea sharing, collaboration, and informed decision-making,
PROLIM empowers organizations to cultivate a culture of innovation that drives growth and success.


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