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Idea Exchange Application

This application allows the employees to post or float an idea onto a common platform.

Idea Exchange is a simple process of exchanging thoughts for improvised functioning and better performance of an organization. To avoid the time-consuming process of sharing ideas with the respective authorities and approvals, a platform to capture and share your thoughts with the individual members of the organization can be convenient. The Idea Exchange application allows users to share ideas, feedback, and suggestions. It can be highlighted and promoted based on the likes, comments, and shares it receives.
Less time, fewer tasks, better performance, and everyone knows your idea! This is the “Idea Exchange App“.


The dashboard displays the following –
  • The list of posted ideas – likes and comments on them.
  • Button to add a new idea – The “What’s your new idea?” button is in the top center of the screen. will redirect you to a page to enter the specifics of your concept, attach files, and share it with the other students or members of your school/organization.
  • Global search function with date filters that enables you to look up any ideas, and sort ideas based on a given timeline.
  • The upper left part of the screen shows the total number of ideas published in your institution/organization for reference purposes.
Idea Exchange App Dashboard


The Idea Tile represents the details related to an idea; it consists of –
  • A header – Displayed at the top of each idea tile with the conceptualist’s name next to it.
  • Details – More information about that concept is displayed below the header with the date and time the idea was uploaded on the right bottom of the tile. It also depicts the total number of views for that specific idea.
  • Badges – The tile also has badges that represent the departments the ideas were tagged with.
  • Attachments – provides the ability to upload files describing the concept. By clicking on the file, you can download it and check the attachments.

To like, learn more and see the idea’s attachments, just click on the tile. It will take you to a page with more information on the idea with a section to add comments on it.


You can share your ideas with your organization. A corresponding page will appear when the What’s your new idea? + button is clicked, where a unique idea ID will automatically be generated. The user can upload his/her idea and include a title, description, and tags for various departments, as well as attach multiple files. The dashboard will display the shared idea. The post is seen by other users, who can also like, comment, and attach multiple files.

Idea Exchange App Post
Idea Exchange App Post 2

Comments and Re-reply

It is a replica of the ‘Like and Comment’ functionality available on most social media platforms. The user can like, reply and comment on a post and read the linked attachment, etc. Also, the username, date, and time of the comment are all displayed.

Idea Exchange App comments

The Idea Exchange Application allows users to share and discuss ideas with each other. It is designed to facilitate collaboration and brainstorming among users. The application allows users to post ideas, comment on ideas, and vote on ideas. It also allows users to search for ideas by keyword or category. The application is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and use.


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