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Inventory management is an organized process of sourcing, storing, tracking and selling inventory materials and forms a critical element of the supply chain.

It is used in the manufacturing industry to create work orders, bills of materials and other production-related documents and includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing purchases from suppliers as well as customers maintaining the storage of stock, controlling the amount of product for sale, and order fulfillment.

“Inventory Management is a cross-platform available in Browser, Tablet, and Mobile platforms”

Inventory Management is a cross-platform available in Browser, Tablet, and Mobile platforms


The log-in page leads to the application’s dashboard, which facilitates the user to navigate through different functionalities of the application like Tasks, Departments, User, and Location information using the navigation bar.

Advantages of Inventory Management

The inventory management application plays a vital role in ensuring the user can fulfill incoming or open orders and raise profits.

Some other benefits include:

  • Cost-effective: Understanding stock trends to utilize the stocks efficiently leads to a decrease in costs tied up in inventory thus, reducing the amount of stock that goes unsold before it’s obsolete.
  • Enhanced cash flow: Organized management of the inventory leads to spending money on the inventory that sells resulting in cash always moving through the business.
  • Satisfied customers: One element of developing loyal customers is ensuring they receive the items they want without waiting.
  • Regulated employee mishandling: Inventory planning and control limit the ability of employees to steal from the inventory reducing potential hidden costs.
  • Reduced labor cost: Improved inventory planning and control techniques allow small businesses to reduce labor costs associated with the inventory.

Scheduling Scans by Adding Details of the Task (VIN)

The Scheduled Scans dashboard displays the list of ‘Tasks’ scheduled for scanning.
It also provides the functionality of adding a new ‘Task’ for scheduling by capturing details related to the task such

  • Task Name
  • Description
  • Task Date
  • Start Date and End Date, and
  • Area

Scanning the QR Code

QR code of a product is an integral part of its information. The Inventory Management application provides the functionality of scanning the QR code of the product and tracking information related to it in the supply chain. On click of the Start Scan button, the scanner page will pop up. Upon scanning the code/writing the code, the details about that product would be visible on the screen, further, it would help in the next process. Once the Task is scanned, the same Task can’t be scanned again.

Inventory management in Mendix scheduling scans

Complete Area Scan

In this feature, when a user clicks on the ‘Complete Area Scan’ button the user will not be able to scan against that task anymore but the other operators can continue scanning the Tasks. Employing an intelligent inventory planning and control solution can significantly reduce all labor-intensive activities.


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