Personal Health Monitoring using Mendix

Fitness and Activity Monitoring Application developed using Mendix.

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Personal Health Monitoring App using Mendix

Mendix is a low-code software platform for the collaborative development of mobile and web-based applications. It provides tools to build, test, deploy, and iterate applications. It supports mobile, tablet, and desktop applications. The Mendix application platform is based on visual, model-driven software development to foster innovation and speed development.

Mendix application platform helps in building functional applications within hours including development, testing, and deployment and transforms the Software Development lifecycle that makes Mendix powerful and agile. It is the only application platform that provides a comprehensive, integrated set of tools for the entire app lifecycle, from ideation and development through deployment and operation.

Mendix consists of predefined Layouts that can be used directly to define the structure of the page, templates to create the basic baseline of the page, a domain model that is a visual representation of the data structure and consists of entities and attributes, widgets that can be dragged and dropped directly on the page, microflows form the backend logic in the application. They are modeled to add actions and abilities to extend or modify the default behavior, handle business-specific purposes, and integrate with other systems, databases, and web services. The components of microflow include events, flows, activities, decisions, and artifacts.

Activity Monitoring Application

Our Fitness and Activity Monitoring Application developed using Mendix presents a Dashboard to monitor the daily activity of an individual. It also displays calorie intake and various metrics/analytics in visual graphs and charts which can be monitored by the user or their coaches.

The application developed using Mendix consists of a login page for the user, where the user logs in by entering the credentials. Mendix also provides the option of customizing and creating a layout that is used for the login page and the background is added using the style properties of the grid. The template used here is the Form Login template provided by Mendix. The login page consists of a Data View that uses the entity of the user for login credentials.

Fitness Dashboard:

The Log in page leads to the Fitness Dashboard that displays various metrics and analysis of the same. The fitness dashboard application integrates with the Smart Watches and allows you to see your health data in a broad clean way, by allowing you to drill down to more details in an easy and quick way!

The dashboard gives you daily as well as weekly performance summary of your activity which includes:

  • Step Count,  Distance  Covered  Cycling
  • Swimming,  Running,   Walking,  Heart Rate
  • Calories intake v/s Calories burned ,  Daily meal tracking

Tracking Workout Completion:

Tracker dashboard shows the percentage of cardio workouts that the user has completed.  In addition, it also shows the percentage of weekly goals achieved.  This tracking dashboard provides users with an easy way to keep tabs on their daily activity and see how they are doing at a high level.

Tracking Diet Completion

We also added calorie tracker with this app which allows user to keep track of their calorie intake by providing the details about their food intake from our dashboard. It displays the same completion bar graphs along with percentages for both calorie intake and calorie burnt.

 The dashboard is structured using the predefined layout Atlas_Default provided by Mendix. The page is created using the Blank template to define the baseline as per the requirement of the dashboard. The dashboard is created using various widgets provided by Mendix which include the Data view for extracting data from a particular entity and displaying it in charts and the ListView for displaying a list of objects. The UI is designed using the drag and drop widgets of Mendix like the Container rendered as a simple div element, the Progress bar widget, the Bar charts widget for the visual representation of the data and other widgets like the text box and tables widget for static data, buttons to link to other pages of the application, the navigation feature is added to the page using the navigation tree widget and the image widget for displaying an image, etc.

Tracking Weekly Goals

Fitness Tracker includes a feature where the user can set their goals and the dashboard will help them keep a track on those goals. The goals can be added using the Set Menu option in the navigation menu provided.

This page of the application is designed using the PopupLayout and hence it is displayed as pop up on selecting the option from the navigation bar. The page consists of Data View to connect to the entity present in the domain model and store the data which further it includes labels, text boxes that are connected to the respective attributes to capture the data. The popup page contains buttons for various functionalities. And in a similar manner a page is created depicting the goals achieved which is displayed on clicking Achievements from the navigation bar.

Furthermore, the dashboard components are styled by setting the properties of the widgets, grids and the containers like the spacing, alignment, font size etc. and further by adding the CSS code for setting the background and other details.

We are also using SASS for custom CSS styling with Gulp as a pre-compiler as recommended by Mendix Team in order to achieve better styling.

And finally, the application is completely functional and is deployed and published. Mendix provides tools and features for rapid application development, testing, and deployment and encourages innovation and collaboration.


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