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PLM RoI Calculator

Return on Investment (ROI) is a metric that measures the profitability of an investment and evaluates the gain on an investment.  It is a ratio that compares the gain or loss from an investment relative to its cost. The concept is useful in analysing the efficiency of an investment.

The PLM RoI Calculator Solution built at PROLIM analyses and quantifies the impact of technology and resources in a process and evaluates the productivity of the investment taking into consideration all the tasks performed at different levels of product development approximating the productivity boost enabled by the technology.

The application primarily aims at reducing the degree of contribution of the essential and the non-essential tasks of the components involved in a product development process by classifying the tasks as “value added” and “non-value added”.

Client Information

  • The page displays general information related to the client and takes in the annual and functional labor information values to calculate the benefits for different aspects of product development like Document management, Change management, Content management, etc.
  • The Annual Baseline Cost is generated for different subsets involved using the number of business professionals and the effort per hour values.

PLM Components

Document Management: It calculates the cost spent in performing the business activities that include determining, searching, acquiring, processing and communicating the requirements.

Document Management summary is generated to compare and visualize the benefits in terms of cost for the tasks performed for documentation of the requirements.

Change Management:

  • The page considers the cost incurred due to change requests, review meetings, changing and updating configurations because of inaccurate or lack of information. It also includes the time spent authorizing, viewing, implementing the ECR (Engineering Change Request) Cycle time and calculates the overall improvement.
  • The generated summary page shows the annual savings due to improved Change Management.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management:

  • It includes the activities that calculate the cost spent verifying, repairing, distributing and printing the latest Bill of Materials revision.
  • It also provides a summary of the benefits gained with improved BOM Management.

Project Management:

  • It consists of business activities that involve finding and gathering project costs and schedules. It also considers the cost spent in compiling and disseminating summary reports and provides an accumulative cost for the same.
  • The summary page generated gives an insight to the benefits gained from improved project management and provides a visual comparison of the improved project management benefits with the industry standards.

The PLM RoI Calculator also incorporates the following PLM components:

  • CAD Data Management: That includes business activities like translating engineering knowledge, repairing an engineering model, updating drawing sheets, etc.
  • Product Visualization: discovering component development problems, managing and disseminating designing information into downstream users and others.
  • Content Management: includes searching, organizing, printing, rewriting, formatting, approving content by publication professionals, etc.

The cost is calculated for all the PLM components and summary reports are generated that provide details regarding the cost benefits and improvements.

The application also provides a Total Benefits Summary report that contains the total benefits of the improved business activities for all the PLM components.

The PLM RoI application captures and calculates the efforts that human assets expend in non-value-added tasks, estimates the productivity boosts and translates time into money to produce a benefit in financial terms.


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