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In today’s world, customer support departments are an integral part of a business success. It becomes the responsibility of the business owner to provide a platform where customer issues can be resolved, and the customer can provide feedback. Issue Management System enables a customer to report complaints easily and helps the customer service representative to address the complaints quickly and efficiently. It provides a platform for immediate customer feedback and ensures regular management and addressing complaints on time. Our Issue Management Application is a business solution that lets you report, handle and manage customer complaints in a simple manner. It is developed using the low code application development platform – Mendix. It provides the functionality of addressing customer inquiries and delivering consistent support by addressing complaints in quickly.

The application has the following roles

  • An End-user of the deliverable-product who can report an issue regarding the product.
  • A Customer Care Executive– The application can also be used by the customer care support department for adding, addressing, and monitoring an issue present in the system and providing appropriate solutions to achieve quality output.


The log in page leads to the dashboard of the application that consists of the top five complaints based on the status of the complaint lodged. The different issue status includes New, In Progress, On Hold and Closed. Each issue card displays the issue title, complaint number and issue priority.   

Adding an Issue

A new issue can be added to the system using the New icon in the navigation bar and filling in the required details.

An e-mail is sent to the user to confirm the addition of the new issue to the system.

Viewing Issue List

The LIST page consists of the all the issues and the details related to each issue that include Title, Status, Complaint Number, Priority, Description, Email Address etc. A search option is also available to search an issue using different parameters.

Editing and Updating an Issue

The customer support executive can edit and update the details of an issue by selecting the issue. A confirmation mail is sent to the user informing about the updated status of the issue.

Status based Lists

Each status card on the dashboard leads to a page that contains a list that displays all the issues based on the selected status. The user can search for an issue based on the different parameters provided.


This solution can receive complaints, track and resolve them by monitoring the queries based on different categories without much hassle thus leading to improved customer service and satisfaction. The application is built using the set of tools and features provided by Mendix leading to reduced development effort incorporating rapid application development.


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