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Supplier Inventory Management Solution using Mendix.

FASCIA | Supplier Inventory Management Application, created by PROLIM, is a smart solution made to improve how companies handle their suppliers and inventory across different plants. This app, built using Mendix, provides useful features that help organizations effectively manage suppliers, parts inventory, and plant operations. Connecting to a dynamic KPI dashboard built in Power BI also makes it easier to view data and make decisions.

Key Benefits:

Power BI Integration

The app seamlessly integrates with Power BI, providing a real-time, visual KPI dashboard. Users gain insights for supplier relationships and inventory management decisions.

Report Generation

Generate detailed PDF and Excel reports, offering insights into supplier inventory, performance, and stock distribution for informed decisions.

Real-time Stock Updates

Supplier users update stock levels for precise tracking. The system visually flags deviations from thresholds, ensuring timely actions for inventory management.

Email Notifications

Automated email notifications are crucial for approvals. Users get alerts for parts, suppliers, or assignments needing approval or their attention.

Plant Management

Optimize multi-plant oversight. Users assign suppliers and parts to specific plants for efficient distribution and allocation, enhancing organizational productivity.

Parts Assigned to Plant

Efficiently allocate parts to plants based on demand and operations, optimizing inventory distribution across locations for better resource management.

Supplier Profile Management

Efficiently manage supplier data, contacts, and metrics. Maintain supplier profiles for better collaboration and communication in the application.

Workflow Approval Process

The app features a robust approval workflow for adding, updating parts, suppliers, or assignments, ensuring structured approval cycles before implementation.

Parts and Stock Management

Effortlessly track and manage inventory. Users input, update, and view part details, with system alerts for threshold deviations, enabling proactive inventory control.

Supplier Inventory Management

PROLIM's Development Approach

The development process focused on creating a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless user experience. Careful attention was given to implementing robust security measures to safeguard sensitive supplier and inventory data.

Solution Benefits

Enhanced Efficiency

Efficient management of suppliers and inventory processes results in improved operational effectiveness and minimized manual work.

Data-driven Decisions

The Power BI integration helps with data visualization, allowing users to make well-informed decisions supported by real-time insights.

Optimized Inventory

With precise stock level monitoring and threshold alerts, users can optimize their inventory levels, decreasing the risk of stockouts or excess inventory.

Supplier Inventory Management

Improved Collaboration

The application’s supplier profile management and plant assignment features enhance collaboration between suppliers and internal teams.

Compliance and Accountability

The workflow approval process and email notifications ensure compliance with internal procedures and enhance accountability.

Actionable Reports

Our reports turn data into action, revealing inventory trends, supplier performance, and more for informed decisions.


In conclusion, the Supplier Inventory Management Application developed by PROLIM using Mendix is a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to efficiently manage suppliers and inventory. With its powerful features, seamless integration, and tangible benefits, this application is an asset for modern businesses seeking to optimize their supply chain operations.